Being a Mental Healthy Workplace helps nurture a compassionate atmosphere, a creative staff and a welcoming community while attracting and retaining the best employees.


Get Your Workplace Mental Healthy.

Attract, retain and understand.

What is the Mental Healthy Workplace Pledge?

It is time to change the way we work with mental health on a day to day basis and break stigma in the workplace.

By signing up, your company will be supported by a 12 month MH Workplace Workbook workshop and presentation plan for both employees and c suites. Incorporating evidence-based training and techniques researched by Mental Healthy experts. These elements are implemented every 4 to 6 months as applicable

We educate and support your employees on the importance of utilizing mental health days while developing an understanding of why mental health days should be offered and demonstrating ways to promote positive mental health and efficiency results in the workplace.


Join the multitude of corporations that have already taken the Mental Healthy Workplace Pledge and get your badge today! The Workplace Pledge costs $5000 per year and is availble across America.

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Why take the workplace Pledge?

Mental health is an important issue for everyone. Believe it or not, everyone includes your employees!:

  • 1 in 5 people experience anxiety, depression and stress every year.

  • Stigma and discrimination are an unwanted side effect of already troublesome mental health problems. 90% of people report difficulties in the workplace as a result.

  • Stigma and discrimination have impacted 60% of people in a damaging way. Over half of these people experience a direct impact at work.

Businesses can experience significant losses due to poor mental health:

  • Millions of workdays are lost every year due to mental health with a direct impact on employers bottom line.

  • Depression is a leading cause of employee absence.

  • Over 1/4 of a million people quit their jobs every year due to mental health. Leaving gaps in workforce.

Workplaces taking the Mental Healthy Pledge and implement the “EduTips” provided have experienced a more confident and expressive staff, leading to enhanced productivity and engagement.

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What is included for my company?

Once signed up, you’ll receive the welcome pack with all the EduTip cards and posters for immediate distribution. We’ll also setup the workshop/presentations which include:

  • “Cough cough, I have a cold” Importance of Mental Health days and how/why to take them seriously. An interactive presentation part keynote and part sandpit for employees and bosses.

  • Invitations to events on specific topics to enhance workplace wellbeing.

  • Invitations to attend Mental Healthy Master training in Salt Lake City.

  • Resource Packs with local organizations offering help.

  • A newsletter with tips and community info for all Mental Healthy Workplace Pledgers.