Teach Reel Change - Inspiration Motivation Communication

How does film help our mental wellness? When we watch a film or listen to a song or experience any creative outlet, we become emotionally connected to the characters as we join them upon their journey. By breaking down our experiences and moments into connected forms of experience, then we can inspire others with our journey and hopefully create a more connected community. The puzzle pieces below represent some of the issues that we are facing on a daily basis. As each film is completed it will be posted here along with testimonials and resources to make a change in our lives. If you have a film or a desire to tell your story, please consider coming along to one of our presentations.




We design and provide programs to inspire people with  mental wellness issues and those in recovery. Enabling  expression through creative motivational connection. 
Our programs, workshops and events incorporate proven  inspiration, motivation and communication techniques to  create community through creative communication.


Throughout each workshop, participants learn to use images and symbols to tell their stories in order to discover new pathways to healing, wellness and transformation. Culminating in national showcase events promoted and attended by participants and public.

We can provide workshops at your location and tailored to your needs. Contact info@createreelchange.org




Other than the private workshops, we also provide a monthly public workshop, because let's face it, we can all use better ways to express ourselves to our audiences. Following the same format as the CRC workshop, "HEAR ME FEEL ME SEE ME" is designed to inspire people in all walks of life. Enabling expression through creative motivational connection. This workshop incorporates proven inspiration, motivation and communication techniques to create community through creative communication.