Our Vision

Experience is innovation.


Public Awareness Campaigns to educate and promote understanding and acceptance of mental health issues through creativity.

The ultimate goal of the Create Reel Change programs, workshops, and presentations is to educate and promote awareness of mental health issues. Another primary goal of the public outreach campaigns is to expand the partnership with any mental health groups, local, state, and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and healthcare sector business that are interested in supporting the these goals. Expanding the partnership as much as possible will amplify Create Reel Change’s key messages and ensure these messages are consistently communicated across audiences. IT'S NOT THERAPY, BUT IT'S THERAPEUTIC

Create Reel Change enables expression through creative, motivational connection. We design and provide programs to inspire people with all ranges of mental health issues and those in recovery. Our programs, workshops, and events incorporate inspiration, motivation, and proven techniques to create community through creative communication.

Throughout each workshop, participants learn to use images and symbols to tell their stories to discover new pathways to healing, wellness, and transformation culminating in national showcase events promoted and attended by both the participants and the public.


Our mission is to change the stigma of issues of mental health, facilitate mental wellness through film, storytelling, and art, provide workshops and events to supplement traditional counseling, and support those at risk including veterans, members of the LGBTQ community, refugees, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, teens and marginalized youth, addicts, alcoholics, and others in recovery. 


My turning point.

"It's a reassuring feeling to be able to recommend an organization whose main roots are solid towards a cause.."

— Workforce Services Participant