HG Wells mused many years ago about tripodal martians coming from the red planet to destroy us all. Of course this was fiction and there is no proof at this stage that threats from beyond the stars actually exist, but I find in my own existence I fight intergalactic battle once a month every month.

You see I suffer from depression, not situational or seasonal but good old fashioned chemical imbalance! I've never truly got to grips with it but at least I know my triggers these days and sometimes when those triggers are pulled, it is like a being hit by a cannonball and getting pinned to the floor under the dead lead weight. My biggest trigger is the great white cannonball made of cheese up there in the night sky, just hanging there and taunting me. It wants me dead. Pretty selfish don't you think?, as I have never done anything to it. Maybe it's all the sacrifices I offer to Ra (Egyptian Sun god) that has it bent out of shape in a fit of jealousy?. I wonder if I switched to offering up penance to tanning salons would I see a change?

I'm certainly no astronomer or folklorist but I can tell you that werewolves do exist. Not literal metamorphosing furry beasts but in my experience there is definitely a monstrous shift in some people around this time of the month. Could be the change in atmospheric pressure, could be natural chemical reactions or it could be anything or nothing. But the truth is unfortunately I am among the pack and my victim is me.

What is the solution? How can I apply semiotics and Create Reel Change concepts to quell the beast inside? Should I howl at the moon? Should I sit back and allow it ravish me? No on both accounts. If I imagine the phases of the moon at stages on a clock face across the night sky, then I can come to the understanding that it is all just time and soon my snarling hairy friend will return to it's cave hopefully not leaving my clothes too raggedy in it's wake.

In closing, I'll return to the tripods from War Of The Worlds. Those three legged behemoths seemed impenetrable from every angle, only to be brought down by the human cold. A simple virus that we had become immune to over the years. This gives me hope that what may seem as my biggest enemies can be knocked out with something similarly simple like the ticking of a clock.

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