Where we're going we need roads.

Neil Diamond once told me "The road is long, with many a winding turn" which is good advice but not very succinct. Quite abstract and open to interpretation. But then I found out that The Hollies had told him that very same thing ages ago and many others along the way have  spoken of that path to a plethora of people.  

Lately I've been looking back at my road as more of a trail of tribulations. With many accidents and detours strewen with it's fair share of horrific road kill!. I've been slowing down to a near stand still to rubber neck at the perceived disasters by the edge. (I remember the Elvis song "Let's go rubberneckin'" which I recently found out was referring to checking out lovely lasses on a Friday night rather than perusing car accidents!! It makes a lot more sense now)   

But t'would seem that if I unfold my trail in a different light, it becomes a map to my mental wellness. Those crashes and carcasses become art pieces and new recipes. Life can now be full of tourist attractions off the beaten track instead of beating myself up to attract attention. So at this crossroads I find myself at is conclusive proof that THIS, whatever this is, too shall pass. Whether Neil tells you, or even me, this is the true constant in life. One foot in front of the other and you'll get there.

Brian HigginsComment