Tis The Season To Be Scary

Well here is the thing people, monsters do exist. Whether manifested internally or directed towards us externally, they do indeed live among us. Now I am not talking about hairy pointy teethed beasts from books and films, although I'm pretty sure the myths and legends are derived from truths.

I am talking about how we perceive mental illness. Such as the rage that develops within someone that once it comes out can not be stopped. Much like the werewolf.

Or the emotional transformation that occurs when certain substances are ingested to bring out the monster. Such as Jekyll and Hyde.

There are always apologies and analogies to these anomalies that we can't quite understand. So we create myths to describe the occurrences aligned more with the occult than the actualities. But we will never tame the beasts until we stop locking it up.

Happy Halloween.

Brian HigginsComment