Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Yes this is a film about a man drinking coffee that may just be a little too hot but the genisis of the film comes from personal experience. Emotions include Fear Anger and Pain (physical and emotional)

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After struggling for many years with conflict based PTSD I finally gave up. Like many people I have had my ups and downs, trials and tribulations and been round the block and few times. For a long time I let my mental health issues get the better of me. Of course when things started going wrong I sought out help in all the traditional ways but unfortunatetly i couldn't find a solution that resonated with me. So I came to the conclusion that living with these conditions was my lot in life. 

I basically gave up on my own wellness and continued doing what I was doing which was going nowhere fast. While on that road I began making short narrative films and entering festivals. To my surprise after some time had passed I began to realize that the films I had been making were actually interwoven with my own experience and that I was no longer experiencing such volatile symptons of my conflict based PSTD.