People with panic disorder have recurrent unexpected panic attacks, which are sudden periods of intense fear that may include palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate; sweating; trembling or shaking; sensations of shortness of breath, smothering, or choking; and feeling of impending doom.

Sarah's Crossing


At first glance, this film appears to be about a race of supernatural aliens invading and terrorizing planet Earth. But it goes much deeper than that.


My entire life has been the pursuit of finding real authentic love. Over the years, I found myself detoured -- deep into the shadows of the paranormal community and was the host of a very popular radio show called Ghostology.

Over time I found myself lost and the map I once held in my hands for love was tainted by another world which was full of sexual deviancy. This shows up in my films time and time again. Ghosts. Demons. Aliens. The past two years, however have been quite fascinating as I found love, and have found my voice again. I still enjoy the movies I have made but understand myself much better now and have a new direction which still is wrapped in twists and a more positive take on the supernatural.

Our setting is a natural world where friends have gone camping. The only threat the campers were trying to escape was that of the modern work place. Sara (Jamie Lynn Bolton) is seen running from a crime scene. My goal was to show a woman transcend from a world that she once trusted to a world invaded by beings that would all eventually find her. When she enters the corn in the profile shot, I wanted that moment to be Sara’s crossing over from safety to fear. Fear is what scares us the most. It is the true creature that lurks behind the façade in our every day life. Sara enters the barn and settles behind a barrel giving her a chance to fully realize that her friend is gone, her life is upside down and the fear of the unknown begins to show its face.

There was no need for much dialogue. Even in the audition reels, you can see the terror of the unknown in Jamie’s face as she tries out for the part. Dialogue, in my opinion can sometimes kill a scene and take the power away from a scene that is packed with emotion. Sara overcomes her fear quickly when she finds a machete. She could have given up and let them find her, but she is tougher than that. When primal instincts kick in, there are some of us that are leaders and some of us that are followers. Sara is a leader and thinks quickly. She kills one of the aliens which is emotional for her, but there is a realization that they too are mortal. She is stronger than ‘fear.’ What most people don’t know is that Sara actually survives and ends up beating the aliens scaring them back to their dimension. Though I didn’t have the time to show it in this short film, the knowledge that we all had on set was, that Sara is the hero of the film. In the end, if we face our fears on directly, defeating the enemy is a lot easier than we may believe.

Myths and facts about Panic Disorder and Anxiety.

Anxiety disorder is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Believing anxiety disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain can be an impediment to meaningful and lasting recovery.

Anxiety is not caused by genetics. Believing anxiety disorder is caused by a genetic predisposition can also be an impediment to meaningful and lasting recovery.

You do not "need" medication. Believing you need medication to overcome anxiety disorder can also be an impediment to meaningful and lasting recovery.

Exercise is not a whole answer. Another common myth often associated with anxiety unwellness is believing rigorous exercise can reduce and cure anxiety disorder.


  • Therapies, cognitive, behavioral and talk therapy all offer different forms that may be found beneficial. 
  • Medication, can relax and relieve symptoms.
  • Mindfulness, practice of mindfulness can gradually prevent panic attacks from even occurring and begin to feel much more deeply at ease within yourself and in the world.
  • Support groups, interacting and communicating with other with the same experience.

Recovery can always be achieved if you are willing and excited for a new life.


FEATURING - Jamie Lynn Bolton

I discovered acting about a month before I started drug and alcohol treatment! After struggling with addiction for nearly twenty years, I finally hit my rock bottom in early 2014! As I started my journey through recovery, I searched for something worthwhile to hold onto, something real, something solid, and I found it in an acting class that a friend of mine invited me to. I began attending that class three times a week, and it wasn't long before I realized that it was my calling!

I was passionate about it! It ignited a wildfire inside of me! It made my heart sing, and I couldn't get enough! All the sudden, I had this beautiful thing in my life, and it gave me the freedom to express myself in ways that I'd never been able to, before! I was learning how to convey emotions that I'd been masking and hiding for a very long time, and I didn't hold back! I poured my soul into my craft, and soon, I began to reap the rewards! I started to go out on auditions, and I was given opportunities to do background work on some really amazing films.

My "big" break came when I was selected to play the role of "Sara" in "Sara's Crossing!" Words can't begin to describe how excited I was! This was my first leading role, and I couldn't wait to make movie magic! We filmed only on weekends over the course of about a month, and every Saturday and Sunday, I showed up ready, willing, and eager to work! I adored Sara, and I LOVED bringing her to life! She was important to me! I fervently told her story with the truth of my own experiences, and I had a BLAST doing it! When we wrapped, and everything was said and done...all the filming, editing, and scoring, and stuff...she was released at the Vortex Film Festival in September. It was the coolest thing, EVER, to see myself on the big screen, and I couldn't help but cry a few happy tears! It was a huge accomplishment for me, and I did it as a SOBER person! Not only that, I did it well! At the conclusion of the festival, our piece was awarded "Best FX," "Best Acting," and "Best Film!" Talk about floating on a fluffy, pink cloud! My spirit soared, and I was beaming! It was AWESOME! I went home, that day, with a super cool trophy, a gigantic smile on my face, and a wonderful sense of satisfaction and fulfillment! I felt worthwhile, and valuable, and the whole experience reinforced my commitment to stay on the path I was on...the path of recovery!

Fast forward to 2017, and I'm still going strong! I celebrated three years of sobriety on March 25th, and it was a glorious day! I'm still acting and since the release of "Sara," I have been in numerous other films, commercials, military/police training videos, music videos, and an outdoor theater production! I would never have done any of that if I were still using! How grateful I am for what I have, today! I have SO much! I have a life, and it's a great one! If you happen to be struggling with addiction, please know that you're NOT ALONE! Take that first step and ask for help! Find something solid to hold onto! Look inside yourself and face your demons! Give them love! Give yourself love! Listen to your heart! Find your passion! Do whatever it takes and make your dreams a reality! If I can do can, too! Now, get out there and make a change! I believe in you!

What is out there to help?

First thing to know is that you are not alone. There are many people around you that will offer a helping hand if you reach out. Below are a few organizations that can help get you on the road to recovery.

GOOD THERAPY. educates the public about the differences between healthy and unhealthy psychotherapy practices and promotes collaborative and nonpathologically based approaches within the professional community.

Anxiety and Depression Association of AmericaADAA supports public health by leading the way, improving the lives of millions of children and adults and promoting professional and public awareness of anxiety, depression related disorders.

NAMI. The National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.