Brian Higgins


A marketing expert and transmedia storyteller hailing from Northern Ireland. Incorporating film, stand up comedy, visual arts and events to create community through creative communication. He is the producer and creator of multiple national film festivals stemming from Salt Lake City. Using aspects of film and creative expression. Higgins is a mental health
advocate Inspiring and motivating acceptance of mental health issues by making things better to help people. 


Industry Consultants


Due to the nature of this venture, it has been imperative that industry consultants from the respective fields have been available at every
step of the way. Ensuring that the participants, the facilities and the content provided is of a relevant nature. 

Mental Health professionals are available to enhance aspects of the workshops.  As are creative professionals.




We are always expanding our outreach and creating tailored workshops for many different entities. As it stands we maintain steady partnerships with these existing businesses.
We continuously present singular events around Utah among other States and will be moving towards presenting workshops in the prison systems and school systems.