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What's it all about?

Experience is innovation.

CREATING meaning, ideas, methods and interpretations to new paths of understanding. 

INNOVATING something new to make changes in established ways and procedures. 

EXPERIENCING a new perspective and visualizing a turning point.


My turning point.

"It's a reassuring feeling to be able to recommend an organization whose main roots are solid towards a cause.."

— Workforce Services Participant

Our mission is to change the stigma of issues of mental health, facilitate mental wellness through film, storytelling, and art, provide workshops and events to supplement traditional counseling, and support those at risk including veterans, members of the LGBTQ community, refugees, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, teens and marginalized youth, addicts, alcoholics, and others in recovery. 

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We educate people how and why to incorporate positive mental health systems throughout personal, professional and educational areas of life. To reach and maintain a world without stigma. Facilitating project, place and maker education methodologies.



We utilize best practices and up to date evidence-based models to deliver top notch materials, resources and content. While ensuring people of all backgrounds, communities and health ranges are included and met with on their level.



We measure impact of all our programs to provide clear concise strategies and action plans in achieving our mission of ending stigma. Findings are available to enhance corporate, community, personal and peer-based toolkits to educate, advocate, create and deliver a brighter future for mental health.



We work with community groups and individuals to advocate positive change and awareness in all aspects of mental health. Ensuring those living with different abilities are respected and their rights upheld.



We create new pathways of understanding from an individual and group perspective. Utilizing film, performance and other mediums of creativity, helping to visualize a new vision and direction of mental health.



We communicate inspiring and motivational content to build robust foundations for marginalized community members to be proud of their hurdles and achievements. Communications include events, print and digital, curated from locally developed voices.

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