"After struggling for many years with conflict based PTSD I finally gave up. Like many people I have had my ups and downs, trials and tribulations and been round the block and few times. For a long time I let my mental health issues get the better of me. Of course when things started going wrong I sought out help in all the traditional ways but unfortunatetly i couldn't find a solution that resonated with me. So I came to the conclusion that living with these conditions was my lot in life. 

I basically gave up on my own wellness and continued doing what I was doing which was going nowhere fast. While on that road I began making short narrative films and entering festivals. To my surprise after some time had passed I began to realize that the films I had been making were actually interwoven with my own experience and that I was no longer experiencing such volatile symptons of my conflict based PSTD. This became the origin of CREATE REEL CHANGE."


A marketing expert and transmedia storyteller hailing from Northern Ireland. Incorporating film, stand up comedy, visual arts and events to create community through creative communication. He is the producer and creator of multiple national film festivals stemming from Salt Lake City. Using aspects of film and creative expression. Higgins is a mental health advocate Inspiring and motivating acceptance of mental health issues by making things better to help people. 

Higgins travels the world presenting his mindful thoughts and presentations to your audience CREATING meaningful new ideas, methods and interpretations to progress a new path of understanding. INNOVATING to introduce something new to make changes in established ways and procedures. EXPERIENCE a new perspective and visualize a turning point.

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